As climate change progresses un-checked, coastal populations can expect to contend with rising sea levels and more devastating storms.

This project challenges conventional economic modes of development and resolves ecological conflicts in Boston Harbor by creating a common ground occupied by vulnerable populations.

The design aims to expand the existing hard-edged coast from a line into a living volume embedded in the biological, economic, and sociological aspects of a larger ecological network.

Common Ground envisions a Boston harbor waterfront as a connector for local communities, a prototype for ecological restoration, a model for post-industrial economic revival and livable cities.

1211 Landscape Architecture III
Partner |  Liu Yang
Critic | Bradley Cantrell
Harvard GSD | Fall 2016
Regional atmospheric, economic, and ecological systems are mapped to determine appropriate sites of intervention. Identified sites have high potential for interspecies cooperation on shared territory.
In this expanded study of Site A, land uses and users are overlaid to examine their interactions.